Hliappuiin Congress manifesto an tihlawhtling – Congress Thalai

Hliappuiin Congress manifesto
an tihlawhtling – Congress Thalai
Hliappui khua in sawhthing cheng nuai 147 vel man an hralh chu an lawmpuiin Congress party manifesto number 1 Mizorama kuthnathawktute khaichhuahna kalkawng a ni tih a taka an tilang chu ropui an tih thu Congress Thalai chuan an sawi.
Congress Thalai Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan, Congress-in manifesto number 1 an tlangzarha awm – primary agriculture credit society, self help group leh society-te pawimawh zia leh kan hman tangkai tur zia chu Hliappui khaw society hlawhtlinna hian a pholang tih a sawi.
Thlai tharte chu a dahthatna, sawngbawlna leh hralh dan kalphung mumal leh rintlak an siam dawn tih an party manifesto-ah hian a chuang tih a sawi bawk.
Kuthnathawktute ‘market’ dinhmun zirchian leh vil pawimawh zia an zirin, manifesto-ah hmalak dan tur an dah tawh an, agriculture policy an kalpui dawn tih Congress Thalai hian sawiin, ‘Tun aia kan kuthnathawktuten an thlai thar tam theih nana anmahni himna dah pawimawh ber chunga contract farming mumal tak kalpui turin ruahmanna kan nei a. Rate bituk aiin, mumal taka society kaltlanga thlai tharchhuah sawngbawl leh hralh hi kuthnathawktute tan a hlawkin a tlo a ni,’ a ti.

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