Hospital tan hmanrua hlan

Hospital tan hmanrua hlan
Electronics Corporation of India (ECIL) Hyderabad chuan an corporate social responsibility (CSR) fund atangin Civil Hospital Lungleia hman tur medical hmanrua chi hrang hrang Rs 23,90,100 man an hlan.
He hun hmanpuitu Lunglei district bawrhsap Ramdinliani chuan Lunglei bawrhsap kalchhuak ta Kulothungan A-in Civil Hospital Lunglei tih changtlunna’n medical hmanrua tam tak CSR kaltlangin hma a lo lakpui a, a hmalakna fakawm a tih thu a sawi. ECIL-in hmanrua an pek chu Lunglei district chauh ni loin chhimlam district dangten damna chang thei tura hmang tangkai turin a chah.

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