Ice Cream manto ber

He ice cream hi chu ei mai mai chi a ni lo tawp mai, a man a to em mai! Japanese company chuan khawvela ice cream manto ber an siam a, Japanese Yen 8,73,400 (Rs 5,20,000 vel) man a ni daih!
Guinness World Records-in an tarlan danin he ice cream manto siamtu company hi Cellato an ni a, anni hian ice cream siam nan a thil pawlh chi manto tak tak an hmang a, chung zingah chuan Alba, Italy-ah chauh hmuh tur awm white truffle, Japanese yen maktaduai 2 man, Parmigiano Reggiano leh sake lees te an hmang.
Company lam thuneitute chuan he ice cream manto siam tur hian kum khat leh a chanve vel zet an buaipui niin an sawi, an siam chhinaah han tihsual deuh rap rap chang te pawh an nei a, a tui thei ang bera duan chhuah an tum si a, a, beisei rei viau a ni.

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