ICU khum 10 leh hmanraw dang hlan

District administration Champhai hmalaknaa District Hospital Champhaia hman tur ICU khum 10 leh a kentel hmanraw mamawh hrang hrang, cheng nuai 40 man hu chu Thawhtanni khan Mission ICU chuan Hospital kutah a hlan a. Health & Family Welfare Board vice chairman, Dr ZR Thiamsanga’n a hmanpui.
Mission ICU-in ramri dep leh lamhla tak, Indo-Myanmar border-a awm Chanmphai district-ah hma a rawn la chu lawmawm a tih thu Dr ZR Thiamsanga hian a sawi a. A hlawhtlin theihna’na district administration leh official dangte hmalakna fakawm a tih thu a sawi.
District bawrhsap James Lalrinchhana chuan Planning secretary finchhuahna kaltlanga May 2022-a hmalakna a taka puitlin a ni chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a ni.
Mission ICU co-founder Dr Edmond Fernandes chuan an pawlin hmarchhak state an ngaipawimawh tih sawiin, India rama thingtlang khua 20 an thlan zinga 9 chu NE state ami an ni a. Champhaia ICU khum 10 hlan nen hian India rama thingtlang khaw 20 ah ICU khum hi a vaiin 200 an hlan tawh tih a sawi a ni.
Hmanraw hlan hi ICU khum 10 bakah ventilator (2 units), bipap (2 units), monitor (5 para), 2-function ICU cots (10 units), syringe pump (2 units) leh infusion pump (2 units) te a ni.
Hmanraw inhlan zawh hian district administration leh Edward & Cynthia Institute of Public Health, Mangaluru Karnataka tangdun buatsaihin he huna tel mithiamten Health & FW department leh Disaster Management Authority hnuaia thawktute pual workshop ‘Advanced Health Systems Strengthening & Operational Readiness in Humanitarian Emergencies’ tih leh, talkshow ‘Scaling Impact in Rural areas & Needful intervention for healthcare’ tih thupui hmangin neih zui a ni.

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