Khawzawl district-in vote zaa 70 tal tlaktir tum dawn

Lok Sabha inthlanpui neih turah Tuichang Assembly bial awmna Khawzawl district thuneitute chuan vote zaa 70 aia tlem lo tlak tir tumin an bei dawn a. Hemi atan hian Ningani khan booth level officer (BLO) te tih tur tul an inhrilh.
District election officer K Lalrohlua chuan Khawzawl district-ah kum 2018 aiin 2023 inthlanpuiah vote zaa 5 dawnin a tla tha zawk, tiin, hemi kawnga BLO hmalaknaah lawmthu a sawi a. 2019 MP inthlanah India ram puma vote tla chawhrual chu zaa 67 niin, tun Lok Sabha inthlanpuiah an district-ah vote zaa 70 tal a tlak ngei theih nan hma lak a ni tih a sawi. Tha taka vote a tlak theih nan BLO-te chu thahnemngaia an bial chhungah theuh hma la turin a ngen.
State level master trainer, DRDO project director V Lalmuanpuii leh election officer Timothy R Lalhmangaiha ten an zirtir a. Inthlan huna an hriat tur pawimawh bakah an chanvo leh hriat tur an hrilhfiah. BLO-te nen hian an tawnhriat an sawi ho bawk.

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