LADC budget pawm

LADC budget pawm
Lai Autonomous District Council budget thar Rs. 21,303,22,000 chu pawm a ni.
March 30-a neih tan Lai ADC Budget Session chu Nilaini khan neih zawh a ni a. Chief executive member V. Zirsanga’n 2022-2023 sawrkar kuma sum indaihloh dil belhna, Supplementary Demand for Grants Rs. 2,39,290,000 leh 2023- 2024 budget Rs. 21,303, 22,000 chu session tan ni hian House-ah pharhin, Nilaini hian sawiho a nih hnu ah pawm a ni. Budget thar hi 2022- 2023 ami aiin cheng nuai 579.26 in a tam zawk a ni.
MDC Local Area Development Fund cheng nuai 5 ni thin chu nuai khata tih pun a ni a. MDC Discretionary Fund pawh tihpun a ni bawk.

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