LMC inthlan muanawm a lawmawm – MNF

LMC inthlan muanawm a lawmawm – MNF
Boruak maunawm tak hnuaia felfai taka Lunglei Municipal Council inthlan neih a nih avangin lawmawm an tih thu MNF party chuan an sawi.
MNF Gen. Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan, returning officer, bawrhsap Pi Ramdinliani kaihhruaina hnuaia tluang taka LMC inthlan neih a ni leh boruak muanawm tak karah inthlanna felfai tak buatsaihtu Mizoram sawrkar leh thawktu zawng zawng chungah an lawm tih a sawi.
‘Inthlan hlawhtlinna tura pawimawh ber Lunglei mipuiin anmahni duhthlanna lantir tura ngaihtuahna fim tak nena vote thlaktu zawng zawng chungah MNF chuan lawmthu a sawi a. He inthlan hian Lunglei hmasawnna turah kawngro thui tak a sut dawn avangin, mahni tha leh hun senga inthlan buatsaih tihlawhtlingtu an nih avangin an inpekna kan fak a ni,’ a ti.
Inthlan result chhuah hunah MNF chuan result tha tak an neih beisei chungin, thlanchhuahte pawhin Lunglei hmasawnna tura theihtawp an chhuah an beisei tih a sawi bawk.

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