MADC dy chairman thlan

Mara Autonomous District Council-a deputy chairman atan C. Chehnei thlan a ni.
Thawhlehni khan MADC Session Hall-ah chairman N. Viakhu kaihhruaiin deputy chairman hmun ruak chu secret ballot hmanga thlan a ni a, MDC C. Chehnei hi thlantlin a ni.
Deputy chairman atana thlan thar C. Chehnei chuan amah thlangtlingtu member te hnenah lawmthu a sawi a, a hna zahawm tak a thawhna kawngah member-ten finchhuah thin tur leh tawiawm turin a ngen a ni.

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Congress Legislature Party leader H. Malvina leh MNF Legislature Party asst. leader Hc. Lalmalsawma Zasai ten deputy chairman thar lawmpuina thu an sawi a, CEM M. Laikaw pawhin lawmpuina thu a sawi a ni.

January 13 khan MADC chairman N. Viakhu kaihhruaina hnuaiah MADC deputy chairman paih duhna motion lut chu fiah a lo ni tawh a, deputy chairman M. Manasia chu a duh lo lam vote a tam zawk avangin paihthlak a ni. Deputy chairman post a ruah tak avangin a thar tur hi January 17-a thlan tura tih a ni.

Hemi tum hian MADC chairman N. Viakhu paihthlak duhna motion a lut bawk a. Chairman ni lai chungchang a nih avangin panel of chairman N. Zakhai chuan chairman nihna chelhin chairman rintawk lohna sawi hoa vote lak a ni a. N. Viakhu hi chairman atana pawmtu an tam zawk avangin chairman ni zui turin chairman lailawk hian a puang nghal a ni.

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