Mamit MJA tan free check up

Mamit District Hospital chuan MJA Mamit District member-te tan Ningani khan free medical check up a buatsaih sak.
Free medical check up hawnna hmanpuitu Mamit bawrhsap VL Remliana chuan he programme tih hlawhtlin a ni chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a. Mizoten hriselna endik kan harsat hle a, kan nat fe hnuah hospital kan pan chauh zel thin chu insiamthat a ngai hle, tiin, “Natna hi a lo zual tawh chuan enkawl a harsa thin a, mahnia in check up nachang kan hriat a pawimawh. Hrisel tur chuan rilru huaisen leh rilru hrisel a pawimawh bawk,” a ti.
District medical superintendent Dr Lalrinfela report danin, Mamit District Hospital-ah hian tunah doctor 10, nurse 11, Group D 9 leh technician 6, driver 2 awmin DMS hnuaiah thawktu 83 an awm mek a ni.
MJA Mamit District president C Lalramdinzela chuan DMS Dr Lalrinfela leh a thawhpui inpekna azarah MJA member-te tan free medical check up neih a ni chu an lawm hle tih a sawi a ni.

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