Mamitah NGDRS hmang tan

Mamitah NGDRS hmang tan
Mamit district tana Computerization of Registration, National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS) siam chu Thawhlehni khan Land Revenue & Settlement minister Lalruatkima’n Mamitah a tlangzarh a; Sub-Registrar’s Office a hawng bawk.
NGDRS chu rampumah kan in leh lo, lehkha pawimawh felfai taka dahthat a nih theihna’na siam a nih angin, kan ram leina leh hralhnaah, kan ramri buainaah te he software hian kan harsatna a sutkian a beisei tih minister hian a sawi a. Court-in document registration loh chu thutlingah a pawm lo tih sawiin, thiam kan chan theihna atan NGRDS software chu hmang ngei thin turin a chah.
Online hmanga lei man (chhiah) pek theih turin hma lak mek a nih thu te, software pawh tlangzarh thuai theih a beisei thu te sawiin, hmasawnna hmuh chhoh zelna turin department-a thawktute tan la sauh sauh tur leh mipui pawh sawrkar finchhuah a, sawrkar thawhpuitu ni turin a ngen tih a sawi a ni.
NGDRS hi Registration Act 1908 hnuaiah dan angin, NGDRS software hmangin danin in leh lo neitu nihna leh chanvo a pekte vawnghim a, sawrkar leh vantlang hriata humhalh a, dan loa ram neih tumna lak ata vengtu tur, langtlang leh mipui tana awlsam siamtu tur a ni.

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