Meghalaya in semi-final an lut

India rama State hrang hranga te football hmanga inelna ngaihhlut hlawh ber Santosh Trophy-ah Meghalaya in an dai ngai loh ram an dai a, tui let hnua a vawi khat nan semi-final an lut. Semi-final hi Saudi Arabia-ah khelh a ni ang.
Mizoram thenawm Meghalaya hian Group B match hnuhnung berah champion hlui West Bengal an hmachhawn a, state lian lakah 2-1 in hnehna an chang teh mial. W. Benghal lakah hnehna pawimawh tak an chan hmang hian an group a champion Services hnungzuiin semi-final an lut. Semi-final-ah Punjab an hmachhawn zui leh ang a. Semi-final lehlamah Services leh Karnataka an inhmachhawn bawk ang.
Meghalaya in a vawikhat nan Santosh Trophy semi-final an luh rual hian Santosh Trophy hi a vawikhat nan vek India ram pawnah khelh a ni dawn. Semi-final hi ram hausak Saudi Arabia-a khelmualah ropui The King Fahd International Stadium-ah khelh a ni dawn. Semi-final khel tur zingah vawi riat champion tawh Punjab chu hnuhma nei tha ber an ni a, kum 2019 semi-final-a an hneh loh Services nen semi-final-ah intum leh theihna hun tha an nei thei dawn.
Semi-final hi March ni 1-ah khelh tan a ni ang a, final hi March ni 4-ah khelh tura ruahman a ni.

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