Mi nuai 1.4 chuangin NLUP dawng

Budget Session liam taah khan Serchhip bialtu Lalduhoma zawhna chhangin chief minister Zoramthanga, planning & programme implementation department changtuin NLUP tanpuina dawngtu zat chu mi 1,40,736 an ni tih House a hrilh.
Ziaka chhan chi zawhna chhangin chief minister chuan, 2009-10 atanga 2018 thlengin mi 1,40,736-in NLUP tanpuina an dawng tih a sawi a, a dawng tam berin cheng nuai 1.65 an dawng tih a sawi bawk.
A chhannaa a lan danin, mi 648-in cheng nuai 1.65 an dawng a, anni hi AH&Vety department hnuaia dawng an ni. Mi 7260-in cheng nuai 1.36 an dawng a, mi 947-in cheng nuai 1.25 an dawng. Mi 10435-in cheng nuai 1.20 an dawng a, mi 506-in cheng nuai 1.16 an dawng. Mi 3671-in cheng nuai 1.05 an dawng.
A tam ber chu cheng nuai 1 dawng an ni a, mi 99257 an ni. A dawng tlem berin cheng sing nga an dawng am mi 7767 an ni a, Rs 88000 dawng mi 10245 an awm bawk.
A tam ber chu AH&Vety department hnuaia dawng an ni a, mi 37406-in tanpuina hi an dawng. Commerce & Industries department-ah mi 30810-in an dawng a, agriculture-ah mi 24564-in, horticulture-ah mi 23831-in an dawng a, a tlem ber chu sericulture hnuaiah niin, mi 2194-in an dawng. LRS&WC-ah mi 11703-in an dawng a, fisheries-ah mi 3616-in, forest department-ah mi 3282-in, UD&PA-ah mi 3330-in an dawng.

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