Minister-in pass tharte lawmpui

Champhai South bialtu MLA, minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan kumdanga a tih thin angin, a bial chhunga pawl 10 leh pawl 12 pass tharte lawmpuiin a bial a fang.
MLA/ minister a nih tirh atangin TJ Lalnuntluanga hian a bial chhunga HSLC leh HSSLC pass tharte hi an chenna inah tlawhchhuakin, lawmpuina leh duhsakna chibai bukin, zirlaite a fuih thin a. Pass tharte hnenah dictonary a pe.
Tuipui khua atanga fang tanin, kumina HSLC Exam-a pass tharte hnenah JF Laldailova Dictonary a pe a, HSSLC Exam-a pass thate lawmpuina’n Oxford English Dictionary a hlan bawk.
Minister chuan zirlaite tana zirna kailawn rahbi pawimawh tak pawl 10 leh pawl 12 pass tharte chu a lawmpui thu leh zirlaite chu theihtawp chhuaha zirnaa tan la zel turin a chah.

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