MNF president-in banna thehlut

MNF president Zoramthanga chuan an party-in sawrkarna an siam zawh loh avangin a nihna atanga banna a thehlut.
MNF senior vice president Tawnluia hnena ziaka a thehluhah, MLA inthlan neih zawh takah a kaihhruai party MNF-in hnehna an chang zo lo chu president a nih anga a mawhphurhnaah ngaiin banna a thehlut tih sawiin, ‘2023 Mizoram MLA inthlanpuiah MNF party-in sawrkarna kan chang zo ta loa, hetah hian hotupa ber ka nihna angin ka mawhphurhna niin ka ngai a. Chuvangin MNF president ka nihna atangin, ka tih ngei tur nia ka hriat angin ka banna (resignation) ka rawn thehlut a. Min lo pawmsak ngei ka beisei a ni,’ a ti.
President atanga Zoramthanga banna chungchang hi vawiin, December 6 chhun dar 12 hian MNF National Core Committee leh Political Affairs Committee chuan MNF office, Mizo Hnam Runah thukhawmin an ngaihtuah dawn a ni.
MNF Gen. Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan, mahni mawhphurhnaa ngai a, banna thehlut ngam MNF-in president Pu Zoramthanga a nei hi chhuanawm a tiin, a kaihhruai MNF party hian ‘Pathian leh kan ram tan’ ti zelin, insangmara tho lehin, kan ram, kan hnam leh kan sakhaw humhim turin a dingchhuak leh ngei ang tih MNF chuan a ring tlat a. Kum 62 chawl loa Mizoram leh hnam tana thawk tura MNF lo hruai tawhtu Pathianin MNF hi kaihruai zelin, a kaihthawh leh ngei MNF chuan a ring nghet tlat a ni, tiin a sawi.

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