MPC party ‘recognition’ hlip

MPC party ‘recognition’ hlip
Election Commission of India (ECI) thu thara Mizorama political party pakhat MPC chu an ‘recognition’ hlih a ni.
Thawhlehni khan ECI hian state hrang hranga political party-te dinhmun an siamthat an puangzar a, ‘recognised party’ MPC chu ‘registered unrecognised political party’ an ni tawh ang.
Political party-te hi ECI-a an inziahluhin ‘registered party’ an ni thin a, chumi dawtah chuan ‘recognised party’ ni thei chin an awm.
MPC president Vanlalruata chuan ECI atanga hriattirna an la dawn loh thu a sawi a, mahse ‘recognised party’ an nihna hlihsak an ni ang tih chu hriat sa a nih thu sawiin, MLA neih a ngai a, an party-in MLA an neih loh avangin ‘recognised party’ an nih theih loh thu a sawi. Hemi chungchang ennawn a nih dawnin ECI atanga hriattirna an dawn thu leh, insawifiah tura tih an nih thu te, ECI hi an chhan thu leh an dinhmun an sawi thu te a sawi bawk.
Term hmasaah khan Aizawl North II bialtu Lalthanliana chu MPC a ni a, ani hi an party atanga MLA ni hnuhnung ber a ni.
MPC bakah hian Puducherry-a PMK leh West Bengal-a RSP te chu recognised party atanga registered unrecognised political party-a dahte an ni.
ECI-in party-te dinhmun a siam tharah hian AAP chu national party-ah dah a ni a, state pali-a recognised party ni thei chinte awmna turah hian AAP hi Delhi, Goa, Punjab leh Gujarat-ah te recognised party an ni.
BJP, Congress, CPI(M), BSP leh AAP te chu India rama national party an ni ta a ni.

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