Nets in Celtics an lehthal

NBA regular season kal mekah Brooklyn Nets chuan inlehthalna lian ber an thlentir a, point 28 zeta hnufual tawh chungin an khingpui Boston Celtics chu point 115-105 zetin an hneh let.
An player pawimawh Kevin Durant a chhuah hnua talbuai Brooklyn Nets hian Celtics lakah bul an tan chhe viau a, quarter khatnaah point 15 chiah thawkchhuakin, point 22 zetin hnufual zawkah an tang nghal. Quarter hnihnaah bul an tan chhe leh viau a, point 28 zeta hnufual zawk
an nihna an thaichhia a, point 40 zet thawkchhuak in an khingpuite an lehthal chiang hle. Second quarter-ah hian point 13 in chungnung zawkah tang bawk mahse point 9 a hnufual zawk chungin chawlhlawk an hmang tho thung.
Chawlhlawk hnu lamah Nets an khel tha chhunzawm zel a, quarter thumna leh linaah chungnung zawk an ni ve ve a, point 115-105 in an chak zui ta a ni.
Inrinni zinga inkhel dangah Denver Nuggets chuan point 113-97 in Memphis Grizzlies an hneh. Griezlies an hneh tum hian tum hnih MVP ni tawh Nikola Jokic chuan point 18 thawkchhuakin, ball sawhlet vawi 18 a dawn bakah assist vawi 10 a nei bawk a. Season kal mekah a vawi 25
nan triple-doubles a puitlin.
Inkhel dangah an player pawimawh Stephen Curry tel lova inlan Golden State Warriors chuan vawi nga an chak zawnna ni turin an khingpui New Orleans Pelicans chu point 108-99 in an hneh ve bawk.

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