No 1 thar Alcaraz

No 1 thar Alcaraz
March 20, Thawhtan zing khan Indian Wells Masters final khelh a ni a Carlos Alcaraz chuan awlsam takin Daniil Medvedev a hneh a, ATP ranking-ah Novak lehpelin Wolrd No. 1 thar a ni.
Indian Wells final-ah Alcaraz leh Medvedev te inhmachhawn tur hian ngaihven a hlawh a, inkhel hmuhnawm leh inhnehtawk tak a nih beiseina lian tak a awm. Inkhel hmuhnawm tak tura beisei lawk ni mah se Carlo Alcaraz a chet ropui em vangin final beisei phak lo-ah a chang ta tlat thung.
Kum 19 mi Alcaraz hian Russian star Medvedev lakah 6-3 6-2 in a sawp a, awlsam takin a champion. Indian Wells ah a champion vangin Carlo Alcaraz hian ranking point ah point 640 a hmuh belh a. A chunga awm, Indian Wells a inlan thei lo Djokovic chu point 260 in a lehpel a, World No. 1 thar a ni leh ta chiah a ni.

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