Nuai 1700 hu ruihhlo halral

Champhai District Drugs Disposal Committee leh District Level Narco Coordination Centre (NCORD) Champhai tangdun buatsaihin Champhai District Police-in 2022 April atanga September inkara tum 27 ruihhlo an man, case kal mek (pre-trial) tihral phalna hmuh tawh chu Ningani khan Champhai North bialtu MLA Dr ZR Thiamsanga hoin halral a ni.
Ruihhlo halral takte hi – heroin kg 4.479 (hawng 338), tualchhunga an hralhna anga cheng nuai 101.40 leh methamphetamine kg. 90.65 (mum 818600), tualchhunga hralhna anga nuai 1637.20 hu a ni a. A vaia a hlut zawng hi nuai 1738.60 hu a ni.
District Hospital Champhai bawlhhlawh halralna, incinerator-ah halral a ni a. MLA hian police leh Nasha Mukh Bharat Abhiyaan volunteer-te hnenah tanpuina sumfai a hlan nghal a ni.
Champhai District Police hian kumin January leh February chhung khan ND&PS Act hnuaiah case 17 an ziaklut tawh a; hemi kaihhnawihah hian mi 22 man tawhin, an zinga 4 hi ramdang mi an ni. Kumina heroin man tawh hi tualchhunga hralhna ang chuan cheng nuai 67.20 a ni. Ganja kg 6.35, tualchhung rate-a Rs. 9525 hu bakah ruihna’na hman damdawi mum 450, Rs. 15000 hu an man tawh bawk.

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