Nurse zir thar leh zirchhuak

School of Nursing, Christian Hospital Serkawn chuan Thawhlehni khan general nuring & midwifery (GNM) batch tharte pualin Capping & Lamp Lighting leh GNM zirchhuakte tirhchhuahna ‘Graduation Service’ an hmang a. BCM president Rev KV Thanga’n a hmanpui.
Christian Hospital Lawngtlai asst. nursing superintendent Lalhlimpuii Hrahsel chuan bati chhiin zirlai lut tharte lukhum a khum tir a. Zirlaiten thutiam an sawirual zawhah hmanpuitu BCM president hian GNM zir chhuakte certificate hlanin, BCM general secretary Rev R Lalbiakliana’n zirlai tithate hnena pek thin lawmman chi hrang hrang a sem.
Tun tumah hian zirlai lut thar mi 20 lukhum khum tir an ni a, GNM zirchhuak mi 16 hnenah certifucate hlan a ni.

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