Oxygen concentrator hlan

Oxygen concentrator hlan
Formasa India Foundation chuan Serchhip leh Aizawl district huamchhunga YMA Branch thenkhat leh parimary health centre pahnih – Ngentiang leh Chhingchhip hnenah oxygen concentrator an hlan.
Aizawla hemi puala hun buatsaih hmanpuitu Social Welfare minister Er Lalrinawma chuan mihring nunna chhan nan oxygen concentrator a pawimawh hle a, lei mai a awlsam loh laia Formosa Foundation-in a mamawhte tan a thlawna an sem chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a ni.
Oxygen concentrator dawngtute hi YMA Branch 22 – Darlawng, Tlungvel Field Veng, Tlungvel Venghlun, Tlungvel Gate Veng, Phulmawi, Khumtung, Baktawng Joint YMA, Chhuanthar, Chhingchhip, Chhiahtlang Hmar Veng, Chhiahtlang Kawn Veng, Sialhau, Thentlang, Khawbel, Lungpho, Rullam, Ngentiang, Thinglian, Hmuntha, Hualtu, Bukpui, Mualpui te an ni.

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