Palace manager thar Hodgson

Palace manager thar Hodgson
Premier League-ah 12-naa awm mek Crystal Palace chuan manager thar an nei ta a. An manager thar atan hian an manager hlui Roy Hodgson chu tun season chhung atan an ruai nawn leh.
Crystal Palace hian kum 2023 an hmang chhe hle a. Kum 2023 chhungin EPL-ah chak an la nei miah lo. An chak theih loh em vangin an hniam chak hle a. Championship-ah tlahniam lo tura an beih tak meuh a ngai tawh. An khelh chhiat zawn em vangin an manager Pattrick Vieira an ban a. A hmunruak luah laklawktu atan Roy Hodg-son an ruai nawn leh.
Kum 75 mi Roy Hodgson hi EPL manager upa ber a lo ni tawh a, a ni dawn leh dawn. Ani hi manager tawnhriat ngah tak mai a ni a. Club leh ramah manager vawi 23 zet a ni tawh a, Inter Milan leh Crystal Palace a enkawl nawn tawh thung. Club a enkawl tawh zingah Inter Milan, Liverpool leh Fulham te chu a lar zual an ni a. England, Switzeerland leh Finland te alo enkawl tawh bawk. Kum 2017–2021 chhung khan Crystal Palace hi a lo enkawl tawh. Kum 2022 khan Watfrod a enkawl leh a, Watford a chhuahsan hnu hian manager hna a chawlhsan zui nghal. Chhan himna zawnga manager thar dap Crystal Palace enkawl turin a kir leh a. Eagles hi EPL-ah cham chhunzawm pui tumin tan a khawh hle a ngai dawn.

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