Police-in heroin lem man

Heroin ti thinte hnena zawrh chhuah tum heroin lem thahnem tak Mizoram Police ten an man.

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CID (SB) ten heroin tawlhruk chungchanga an thudawn bawhzuiin Lalhmingmawia (31) Bawngkawn chu parcel, a chhunga sahbawn bawm 30-a heroin nia hriat thunkhah nen man a ni. Endik a nih hnuah a lem, ruihhlo ngaite hnena heroin anga zawrh nia ngaih a ni.

An thil man hi a tak nise, heroin gram 300 chuang hu tur a ni. Hetiang thil hi taksa tan a hlauhawm hle tih police-te chuan an sawi a ni.

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