Police-in urea tawlhruk man

Police-in urea tawlhruk man
Khawzawl Police chuan kumin chhungin dan loa tawlhruk lei chi (urea) bag 3000 an man tawh.
March 17 zan khan Khawzawl Police hian Khawzawl Vengthar Artlangpengah truck pakhat atangin lei chi bag 600 an man a, Agriculture department hnuaia fertilizer inspector hnenah hlanchhawngin, hemi zan vek hian Horticulture department kudam-ah dah lailawk a ni.
Kumin January 16 zan khan Khawzawl Police hian dan loha tawlhruk tho leichi bag 2400 an man tawh bawk.

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