Post Malone leh Swae Lee ‘Sunflower’-in 2B view hlawh tawh

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack, Post Malone leh Swae Lee te sak ‘Sunflower’ music video chuan YouTube-ah vawi tluklehdingawn 2 en a hlawh ta. He hla hi Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) history-a certified sang ber a la ni bawk.
‘Sunflower’ hi 2018 kum tawp lama tlangzarh kha niin, Spider-Man animated film soundtrack a ni a, Post Malone-1 2019 album ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’-ah khan a telh nghe nghe. A music video-ah hian Spider-Man movie scene hrang hrang an dah tel bawk a ni.
‘Sunflower’ hi Post Malone hla Billboard Hot 100 (singles) chart-a No.1 kai thei pathumna niin, Swae Lee tan he chart-a No.1 kai thei hla a vawi khat neihna a ni ve thung a, a hla hi 2020 Grammy Awards-ah record of the year leh best pop duo/group performance-ah nominate a ni bawk.
Nikum November kan RIAA chuan he hla hi 17x Platinum certification a pe a, cu chu RIAA history-ah singles a an certified sang ber a la ni. RIAA Platinum certification hi hla mal US-a copy maktaduai khat an hralh tlin theih tihna a ni a, 17x Platinum chu US-ah maktaduai 17 hralh theih tihna a ni.

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