Rs 75 coin PM Modi an tlangzarh ang

Parliament building thar hawn hriatrengna turin special Rs 75 coin siam a ni dawn tiin Ministry of Finance chuan a puang a. He coin thar hi India-in independence 75-na hriatrengna tur niin Prime Minister Narendra Modi chuan Pathianni-ah a tlangzarh dawn.
Coin hmai lehlamah Lion Capital of Ashok Pillar chhut kai a ni ang a, a hnuaiah ‘Satyaamev Jayate’ tih chhut kai a ni bawk ang a. A vei lamah ‘Bharat’ tih chu Devanagiri script-in ziah a ni ang a, a ding lamah English-in ‘India’ tih chhut kai a ni bawk ang.
Coin chuan rupee symbol a nei rel dawn bawk a, international numerals in 75 tih chu Lion Capital hnuaiah ziahlan a ni ang a. Coin hmai leh lamah parliament complex thlalak chhutkai a ni ang a. “Sansad Sankul” tih chu Devanagiri script-in a chung lamah ziah lan a ni ang a, a hnuai lamah English in ‘Parliament Complex’ tih chu chhut kai a ni thung ang.
Coin hi teh kuala 44 millimetres a ni ang a, a sirtlangah serrations 200 a nei ang a. 35 gram a rit niin alloy pali – silver 50%, copper 40%, nickel 5% leh zinc 5% hmanga siam a ni.
Parliament building thar hi PM Modi chuan Pathianni-ah a hawng dawn a, party hrang hrang 25 vel tel tura ngaih niin opposition party 20 vel te chuan he event hi an boycott dawn thung.
Congress, Aam Aadmi Party, Left, Trinamool leh Samajwadi Party te chuan ‘soul fo democracy hipchhuah’ a nih laiin building thar hawnah inhnamhnawih an duh loh thu an sawi lawk tawh a.
Opposition party-te chuan President Droupadi Murmu ni lova PM Modi-a’n parliament building thar hawn a tum chu an tei thei thlawt lo a ni.

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