Sawrkar hnathawkten IFMIS zir

Sawrkar hnathawkten IFMIS zir
Govt. Mamit College chuan sawrkar department-a thawktute tan Integrated Financial Management & Information System (IFMIS) chungchanga an hriat tur inhrilhhriatna a buatsaih.
Inrinni khan Mamit khawpui chhunga sawrkar hnathawktute tan neiin, vawiin – Thawhtanni hian district chhung hmuna danga sawrkar hnathawkte tan neih leh a ni ang.
Training hawnnaah Govt. Mamit College principal MS Dawngliana Hnamte chuan tunlai hmasawnna chak takin digital khawvelah min luhpui a, chuvangin hmasawn tura kan inzir thar zel a pawimawh tih a sawi. IFMIS pawh sum enkawlna kawnga thil thar leh pawimawh tak a nih avangin sawrkar department hrang hranga thawkten thiam ngei a ngai tih a sawi bawk.
Govt. Mamit College chu zirna in sang a nih angin, Mamit district-a sawrkar hnathawkte tana IFMIS chungchang zir hona buatsaih chu an tih tura a ngaih thu a sawi a ni.

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