SEDP hnuaia hmasawnna sawi

Family Oriented Socio Economic Development Policy-ah Kolasib district-a a chhawrtute zingah hmasawnna awm tan dan te sawiin Zirtawpni khan an chairman, district bawrhsap John LT Sanga hoin Committee member-te an thukhawm.

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Thutkhawma report danin, family oriented SEDP kalpui sawrkar department-te hian an enkawl office kaltlanga hamthatna dawngtu thlanchhuahte hnenah 2022 November hmain 1st installment an pechhuak vek tawh a. Fisheries hnuaiah chhungkaw 80, Land Resources Soil & Water Conservation ah chhungkaw 1461, Commerce & Industries ah 760, Sericulture ah 36, Horticulture ah 125, AH & Vety ah 1517 leh Agriculture ah chhungkua 508 an awm a ni.

Heng hmathathna dawngtute hi department-a thawktuten an hmalakna an enpui thin thu leh Sericulture hnuaia pangang khawi lama hmasawnna hmuh tur a awm thu te, Agriculture hnuaia vaimim tharchhuak an awm tawh thu leh ran vulh tura hmalakna tha taka kalpui a nih thu te sawi a ni.

Hamthatna dawngtute hmalakna vilpui dan leh ziahluh dante inhrilhhriat a ni a, 2nd installment pek zawha endik dan tur sawi ho a ni bawk.

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