Selena Gomez-i’n a IG follower te hnenah lawmthu a sawi

Selena Gomez-i’n a IG follower te hnenah lawmthu a sawi
Selena Gomez chuan hmeichhe zinga Instagram-a follower maktaduai 400 nei tling thei hmasa ber a ni chu lawmawm a tih thu sawiin, a lawmthu sawi nan a follower maktaduai 400 chuang te chu a mal te tea kuah vek theih a chak thu a sawi.
Selena chuan a Instagram-ah a lawmthu hi post-in, “Maktaduai 400 te kha kuah vek theih che u ka va chak em,” tiin fan-te nena an thlalak ho a post tel bawk.
Pathianni kalta khan Selena, kum 30 hian Instagram-ah follower maktaduai 401 a nei tling a, thla kalta khan follower maktaduai 381 neiin, Kylie Jenner lehpelin, Instagram-a hmeichhe zinga follower ngah ber a ni a, thla khat pawh tling lovah follower maktaduai 20 a neih belh leh hman ta a ni.
Selena hi hmeichhe zinga IG follower ngah ber ni mah se a nawlpui thua follower ngah ber Cristiano Ronaldo chu a la pha lo hle a, Ronaldo hian follower maktaduai 563 a nei a, Ronaldo dawttu Lionel Messi pawhin follower maktaduai 443 a nei ve bawk.

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