Skill training-ah kum bithliah tlinglo mi 1021 tan nuai 82.62

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) Scheme hnuaia skill training pek theih chin kum 15-35 inkar tih a nih laiin, Mizoram LESDE (Labour, Employment, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship) department hnuaia skill training kalpuinaah kum 2018 -2020 chhung khan kum bithliah anga skill training nei thei lo tur (non-eligible) mi 1021 thun tel an ni a, heta tana senso chu cheng nuai 82.62 a ni.
Comptroller and Auditor General of India Report No.2 of 2022-a tarlan danin, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) chuan Mizoram tan PMKVY scheme hnuaia thalaite skill training pekna senso atan kum 2017- 2018 chhung khan cheng nuai 1088.73 a sanction a. Heta tang hian LESDE Mizoram chuan nuai 776.81 hmangin, mi 7785 hnenah training pek a ni a. Training zingah hian kum bithliah hnuailam – kum 14 chin mi 10 an tel a, kum bithliah chunglam – kum 35 leh 60 inkar 980 leh, kum 60 leh a chunglam mi 31 an tel a, an vaiin mi 1021 chu ‘non-eligible’ an ni.
|halaite skill training hi kum 2018- 2020 chhung khan Training Centre 15-ah neih a ni a. He scheme guidelines ang chuan training centre-te hi PMKVY puala a hranpa liau liaua ding, sumdawnna dang khawih tel lo, training petute pawh training centre atan liau liaua inhmanga thildanga inhnamhnawih lo an ni tur a ni, tih a ni.
Training centre endik zinga pakhat chu lirthei workshop niin, he workshop-ah hian training chhuak mi 30-in hna an hmu nghal anga record a ni a. CAG report chuan, hetiang dinhmunah hian, he workshop-a lo thawksa tawhte hi training chhuak anga dah an ni lovang tih sawi theih a ni lo, tiin a tarlang.
Hemi chungchang hi July 2021 khan department leh sawrkarah thlen a ni a, sawrkar chuan October 2021 khan thil awmzia sawiin enrolment-te chu training centre-te kutkawih a ni a, approval chu LESDE director pek a ni thung.
He thil thleng chungchangah hian CAG Report chuan recommendation siamin, training centre leh training tur thlan thu ah, scheme guidelines ang thlapa kalpui a ni em, tih ngun taka sawrkarin a enfiah thin a tul tih a sawi a ni.

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