Smart City Mission hnuaiah hna 30 chuang kan thawk mek – Deputy CM

Smart City Mission hnuaiah hna 30
chuang kan thawk mek – Deputy CM
Tun sawrkarin Smart City Mission hnuaiah hna 30 chuang a thawh mek tih deputy chief minister Tawnluia chuan Thawhlehnia Zarkawt High Field-a Multipurpose Ground sakna tur lungphum a phumnaah a sawi.
UD&PA changtu ni bawk Tawnluia chuan, ram tana ro tling tur project lung phum a ni chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a. Covid leng avang khan Smart City Mission hnuaia hna bul a tan hleihtheih loh, chungin, tunah hian project hrang hrang 30 chuang an nei a; a tam zawk chu an thawk tawh a, zawh tawh pathum pali vel neiin, hna 10 chu estimate siam tawh, tender an la koh loh a ni a; an hmabak zingah Laldenga Cultural Centre tur pawh a tel tih a sawi.
“Smart City Mission hnuaiah India ram state zinga a titha ber pawl kan ni hi a lawmawm a. Hmasawnna tha zawk kan neih zel theihna’n kan mamawh zingah playground 6-7 vel kan kalpui mek a. Tuna multipurpose ground kan neih tur pawh hi kan chhawr tangkai hle dawn a ni,” a ti.
High Field Zarkawt-a Multipurpose Ground siam tum project hi cheng vaibelchhe 16.06 man a ni a. Cricket pitch, outdoor gym, 4-wheeler 80 leh 2-wheeler 47 dah theihna bakah cycle track leh elevated jogging track a awm dawn a, playground area chu 73x33m a ni.

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