Sumah MNF leh ZPM inbei nghal – PC

2023 MLA inthlan neih turah MNF leh ZPM party chu sum chungchangah an inbei nghal ringawt tih PC party chuan an sawi.

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PC Gen. Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan, kumina MLA inthlanpui kan hmachhawn turah MNF leh ZPM party-te hian sum senral tur chungchangah an inbei nghal tih sawiin, ‘Fel lo taka kohhran leh mipui rilru hruaikawi tumna lian takah kan ngai a ni,’ a ti.

Election Commission of India-in inthlan huna sum hman theih zat bithliah a siam anga political party-ten ke an pen mai tur a nih laiin, kohhran leh mipui mitmei veng miah loin MNF leh ZPM chuan sum hman dan tur chungchanga inbeihna boruak an siam nghal tih sawiin, ‘Hei hian inthlan fel leh tha neih an pawisak loh zia a ti langchiang hle ah kan ngai,’ thuchhuah chuan a ti.

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