Synod thawhpuite nen inhmu

Synod Partnership Committee leh Mizoram chhunga rawngbawlna lama Synod thawhpui pawl hrang hrangte chu Thawhlehni khan an inhmukhawm.
Synod moderator RevDr C. Chawnghmingliana’n kaihruaiin senior executive secretary-in thu a sawi a. Synod Partnership Committee member leh Partner member-te atangin thusawi ngaihthlak a ni.
Tun tumah hian Mizoram Synod-in Para-Church a thawhpuite leh pawl dang rawngbawlna kalpuite hnenah tanpuina hlan nghal a ni a, Synod recognised pawl hrang hrang 14 hnenah Rs. 4,70,000 leh Synod recognised ni lo pawl dang 13 hnenah Rs. 11,40,000 hlan a ni.

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