Thei leh thlai sawngbawl lam kan tharthawh – C&I minister

Tun sawrkarah thei leh thlai dahthat leh sawngbawlna lamah hma thar lak zel a ni tih Commerce & Industries minister Dr R Lalthangliana chuan a sawi.
Assembly Session-a zawhna chhangin minister hian SEDP hnuaiah Commerce & Industries chu a chang tam pawl tak niin, tanpuina dawngtu tur zingah heti lam hawi thlangtu an tam a, finance changtu chief minister pawhin a ngaipawimawhin sum engemawzat a dah tih a sawi.
Thei leh thlai dahthat leh sawngbawl lamah hian kum 1989 December khan Mizoram sawrkarin MIFCO (Mizoram Food & Allied Industries Corporation) a din a, 1998 May ah Chhingchhipah Fruit Juice Concentrate Plant dinin, sapthei leh lakhuihthei tui sawrna leh sawngbawlna siamin, cold storage pawh matric tonne 677 lenna dah a ni a, warehouse MT 1000 a awm bawk tih a sawi.
Sawrkar hmasa Council of Minister-in MIFCO hi privatise tura relin, thawktu mi za chuang awmah mi 55 chu Early Retirment Rules 2015 hmangin a pension tir a, a bang mi 26 vel chauh an awm tawh a, food processing plant tihhmawsawn lam chu thil buaithlak a ni ta tih C&I minister hian a sawi a ni.
Tun sawrkarah MIFCO hi tharthawh lehin, tualchhunga thei leh thlai tharchhuah buaipui kawngah theihtawp an chhuah a, kuthnathawktuten an tharchhuah an hralh zawh theih lohte leisak an ni leh ta tih a sawi. Ei tur sawngbawlna lama sawrkar laipui ruahmanna – Prime Minister Formalisation of Micro Enterprise Scheme chu tangkai taka mipuiin an chhawr theihna’n leh Commerce & Industries tihchak na’n MIFCO hi project management unit atan dingin, thei leh thlai tharchhuahte hralh kawngah agency angin a awm tih a sawi a ni.

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