Thirsakawrin km 30,000 tlan

Barmer, Rajasthan a cheng, Narpat Singh Rajpurohit, kum 34, chuan Jammu atanga Jaipur thleng thirsakawr-a inkhalh thlengin, Guinness World Record a siam. Thirsakawr-a a tlan thui zawng hi km 30,121.64 niin, ram chhunga thirsakawr-a tlan thui ber record a siam.
Rajpurohit hian January 2019-ah Jammu atangin a zinkawng a zawh tan a, April 2022-ah Jaipur a thleng a, Guinness World Record-in kar kalta khan record a siam tih hriatpuina certificate an hlan ta a ni. A zin kawngah hian state 29 a paltlang, Tamil Nadu-ah Covid-19 lockdown atangin thla li vel a chawl a, hei vang hian a tum aiin a thang rei ta zawk a ni. A zin kawngah hian a theih ang angin thing a phun nghal zel bawk a, a zin chhung hian thing tiak 93,000 a phun hman niin a sawi bawk.
A zin chhung hian harsatna chi hrang hrang a tawk a, tuipui kama tal chu harsa deuh bera a thu a sawi a, humidity sang avangin thla tuiin a buai nasa thin hle a ni. A zinkawngah hian accident avangin tum khat chu a ban ruh a tipelh nghe nghe a ni.

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