Tlang san zawng teh tha

Govt Champhai College-a Geography department-a assistant professor-te leh principal ten Mizorama tlang sang 5-te chu e-Trex Garmin hmangin tunhnai khan a san zawng an teh.
Govt Champhai College principal P Lalhmingliana sawi danin, an college hian Mizorama tlang sang zualte san zawng hmanraw thuhmun hmanga teh vek project an neih chu tunhnaiah khan zo felin, tlang sang zual 5 an teh kim a.
e-Trex Garmin hmanga an tehna atanga a landanin, Mizoram tlangsang ber Phawngpui tlang chu feet 7077 nia record dinglai chu feet 7048-a sang a ni. Lengteng tlang feet 7024 nia record chu feet 7023 a ni a, Zopui tlang feet 6070 tia record chu feet 6462; Surtlang tia hriat thin Hmunphevum feet 6453 nia record awm chu feet 6444; Lurh tlang feet 6348 record chu feet 6295-a sangin an teh a ni.
Directorate of Science & Technology chhinchhiahnaa tlang san zawng indawt dana 9-na ni mek, Zopui tlang (feet 6070 nia chhinchhiah) chu Govt. Champhai College chhinchhiah dan chuan feet 6462 a an teh chhuah hnuah tlang san zawngah hian 3-naah a awm ta a ni.

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