Tourism chungchanga hriat tur Thenzawl khawtlangin an zir

Ministry of Tourism bultum, Mizoram Tourism department buatsaihin March 6 zan khan Thenzawlah “Tourism Awarenss Programme under Capacity Building for Service Provider & Thenzawl Calling” neih a ni.
He hunah hian Thenzawl khawchhunga eizawnna hrang hrang kalpuitu – sumdawng, sawrkar department thenkhat, driver, puantah, restaurant & hotel neitu leh a dangte, NGO hruaitute leh tualchhung media-te hnenah tourism chungchanga hriat tur pawimawh, mikhual dawnsawn leh tualchhungmite inbuatsaih dan tur hrang hrang inzirtir a ni.
Ministry of Culture bultuma Thenzawl Calling Project hnuaia siam, khualzin leh tualchhungmite tana tangkai tur mobile app – Augtravellers App chungchang inzirtir lawk a ni bawk a. Tourism department official-te leh Mizoram University mithiamten an zirtir a ni.
Augtravellers App-ah hian India rama khawpui lian zual Delhi, Agra leh hmundang pahnih bakah North East leh Mizoram atanga tel awmchhun ni turin Thenzawl chiah dahluh a ni rih dawn a. Inzirtirnaah hian khualzin hip nan Thenzawl phochhuah a nih dan tur te, Thenzawl Calling project atanga mikhual tam tak, foreign tourist thlengin an lo luh phah beisei a nih thute sawi a ni.

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