Yard 110 a\angin a pet goal!

Chilean football team golie chuan yard 110 a hla atangin leh lam goal-ah a pet goal a, competitive football inkhela pet goal-na hla ber record a nih ngei a rinawm.
Cobresal goalkeeper Leandro Requena chuan an team leh Colo-Colo team te inkhelhah goal atanga a pet chhuak chu lehlam goal-ah a lut ta tlat. Lehlam goalkeeper hi a chhuak ve hla deuh a, Requena ball pet hian a sawh khum ta si a, um let viau mah se a umpha ta lo a, an goal-ah a lum lut ta a ni.
Radio Bio Bio-in an kawmnaah Requena chuan, “Nidangah pawh kan lo tih fo tawh angin, an rin hmaa pet chhuah thut kha ka tum ber a ni,” a ti.
Team official-te chuan Requena ball pet chhuah tanna hi yard 110 (feet 330) vel niin an ngai a, Guinness World Record-in pet goal-na hla bera an puan chu yard 105 a hla niin, January 2021-a British player Tom King-a pet a ni a, hei hi Requena hian a khum ngei niin a lang a, Guinness erawhin official-in an la puang lo.

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