YMA hnenah oxygen concentrator

YMA hnenah oxygen concentrator
Formosa Foundation India bultumin YMA hnenah oxygen concentrator sem a ni a. Nilaini khan Champhaiah minister TJ Lalnuntluanga’n Champhai leh a chhehvela YMA Branch 21 leh Sub Hqrs YMA Champhai kutah a hlan.
Minister chuan thlei bik nei loa mipui tana rawngbawltu leh tanpui ngaite tanpuina kawnga hmahruaitu YMA kaltlanga hmalakna a ngaihpawimawh thu leh, Champhai mamawh leh tul angte dapa theihtawp chhuah a nih thu a sawi a. Ambulance leh motor recovery van pawh Sub Hqrs. YMA kutah hlana hman hawh theih a nih tawh thu a sawi. Oxygen concentrator mamawhna a san avangin Formosa Foundation India dawr an ni tih sawiin, hemi bawhzui hian oxygen concentrator engemawzat ruahman a ni ta chu lawmawm a tih thu leh mipui rawngbawl sak kawnga Formosa Foundation India inpekna fakawm a tih thu a sawi a ni.
Hemi hma hian Formasa Foundation India kaltlang thoin mobile ventilator chu District Hospital Champhai hnenah minister TJ Lalnuntluanga hian a lo hlan tawh a. Urban PHC Champhai Vengthar kutah Formosa Foundation India kaltlanga dawn tho oxygen concentrator a hlan bawk.

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