YMA leh damdawi in tan thilpek

YMA leh damdawi in tan thilpek
Formosa Foundation India chuan Serchhip district-a YMA branch 28 bakah Biate, North Vanlaiphai, East Lungdar leh Khawlailung damdawi in hnenah oxygen concentrator a hlan a, a vaiin 32 a ni.
Nilainia a hlanna inkhawm Aizawla neih hmanpuitu Hrangturzo bialtu MLA, minister Lalchamliana chuan Formosa Foundation-in YMA hnena oxygen concentrator a hlan chu fakawm a tih thu a sawi a. YMA chu khawtlang timawitu, mi harsate tanpui thintu a ni, tiin, Formosa Foundation hian YMA pawimawhna a hrechiang hle tih a sawi.
Oxygen concentrator chu mipui tana tangkai leh mamawh, natna khirh tak tak tuarte nun chhanhim theitu a nih laiin, man to tham tak a nih avangin awlsam taka lei a harsa a, Serchhip district khaw hrang hrang leh hmundangten a thlawna an dawng thei chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi bawk.

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