Zoram chhiah atanga sum hmuh pung lo

Mizorama chengte’n Zoram Chhiah an chawi thin a, heta sum lut hi tun hnaiah a pung lo.
Revenue department chhinchhiah danin 2020-21 khan Zoram Chhiah-ah Rs 77,05,982 a lut a, a kum leh 2021-22-ah Rs 69,47,040 a lut. Rs 7,58,942-in a tlahniam a ni.
A hnuhnung ber 2022-23 chhunga hmuh zat a hriat rih loh a, December thlenga lut zat chu Rs 27,62,266 chauh a ni.
2019-2020 khan Rs 66,40,353 a lut a, a kum lehah a pung. Chumi hnu-ah a tlahniam leh.
In hmun, huan, lo ram chhiah atanga sum lut pawh a pung lo; 2020-2021 khan tax & non tax-ah Rs 22,06,50,654 a lut a, a kum leh 2021-2022 khan Rs 14,76,76,240 a lut a, Rs 7,29,74,414 laiin a tlahniam. 2022-2023-ah December thleng khan Rs 5,24,56,347 a lut a, a tam rih lo hle.
In hmun, huan, lo ram chhiah-ah hian stamp & registration-ah sum hmuh hi a pung a, pung nasa chu a ni lo. 2019-2020 khan Rs 5,36,08,240 a lut a, a kum leh 2020-2021 khan Rs 5,73,88,689, 2021-2022 khan Rs 5,98,86,548 a lut. Kum thum chhung a zawnin a pung a, 2022-2023-ah December thlenga luh tawh chu Rs 5,89,69,959 niin, a hma kum khum tura ngaih a ni.
Budget Session liam taah khan revenue minister Lalruatkima’n chhiah thar lak tumna emaw chhiah awm sa tihpun tumna emaw a awm loh thu House a hrilh a ni.

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