ZORO-in Zofate hnawhchhuah dem

Manipura Zofate an chenna hmun atangin reserved forest chhuanlama state sawrkarin hnawhchhuah beihpui a tan mek tih Zo Reunification Organisation (ZORO) chuan sawiin, an dem takzet tih an sawi.
ZORO Gen. Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan Manipur-a Zofate chenna hmun hrang hrang, anmahni remtih thlap ni loa reserved forest-a puang a, an in leh lo tichhia a, a hnawtchhuak tan chu a dem takzet a, theihtawp chhuaha dodalin hma a la dawn tih a sawi.
‘Manipur sawrkar thiltih hi hnam lian zawkin a tê leh tlêm zawkte a pâwngnêk leh palzutna a ni a, insawithiam ngaihna awm lo, human rights palzutna a ni. Hetiang thil Zofaten kan tawk leh thin hi ZORO chuan a duh lo hle,’ a ti.
Tuna Manipur state-in a huamchin chu, a hnam lian ber Meitei ram vek a nih loh avangin, Zofate chenna ramah Manipur sawrkar zah leh ngaihpawimawh an phu takzet tih sawiin, ‘Zofate chenna hmun atanga hnawhchhuah chu titawp nghal turin ZORO chuan Manipur sawrkar a phut thu bakah tuna a hnawhchhuahte pawh an awmna hmun pangngaia in leh lo dinsaka dahlet leh vek turin an phut tih ZORO chuan an sawi bawk.

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