2023 ACM Nominaton-ah HARDY a langsar ber

2023 ACM Nominaton-ah HARDY a langsar ber
2023 Academy of Country Music Awards nomination an puang a, HARDY a langsar ber a, nomination pasarih a nei a, nikuma award pahnih dawng Lainey Wilson-i’n nomination paruk neiin a dawt a, Cole Swindell, Kane Brown, Luke Conbs leh Miranda Lambert ten nomination panga theuh an nei bawk.
ACM chuan kumin entertainer of the year category-ah nomination hi panga atangin pasarih-ah a tipung a, Kane Brown leh Morgan Wallen te pawh a vawi khat nan he category-ah hian nominate an nia, he category-a award pathum dawng tawh, Jason Aldean pawh tun kum li chhunga a vawi khat nan a rawn lang ve leh ta bawk. Nikuma he award dawngtu Miranda Lambert leh midang he category-a nominate Luke Combs, Chris Stapleton leh Carrie Underwood te chu nikuma nominate lo ni tawh vek an ni bawk.
Famale artist of the year-ah a tum 17 nen Miranda Lambert nominate a ni a, Reba McEntire lehpelin he category-a nominate ni ngun ber a ni a, McEntire hian 1983 leh 2017 inkarah he category-ah hian vawi 16 nomination a lo nei ve tawh a ni.
Album of the year category nomination panga zinga pathum chu hmeichhia an ni a, 1999 hnuah he category nomination a tum khata hmeichhia an lan tam ber a la ni.
Kane Brown leh a nupui Katelyn Brown te hla sak dun ‘Thank God’ chu single of the year category-ah nominate an ni a, 1997-a Tim McGraw leh Faith Hill te he category-a an nupaa nominate an hnuah nupa anga he category-a nominate ni leh thei hmasa ber an ni.
Kane Brown hi a vawi khat nan entertainer of the year leh male artist of the year-ah nominate a ni bawk a, ani hi 1972-a Charley Pride hnuah biracial emaw, mihang emaw zinga entertainer of the year category-a nominate ni leh thei hmasa ber a ni.

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