Agency ah MIFCO thlak

Agency ah MIFCO thlak
Mizoram Food Processing Industries Corporation Ltd (MIFCO) Board of Directors thutkhawm vawi 91-na chu an chairman, Commerce & Industries minister Dr R Lalthangliana hoin Zirtawpni khan an nei.
MIFCO BoD thukhawm hian an hmalakna an thlirho bakah thil pawimawh hrang hrang an ngaihtuah zingah Mizoram sawrkarin MIFCO chu Mizoram Food Processing Agency (MIFPA) atan a siamfel chungchang pawh a tel.
Mizoram sawrkar chuan MIFCO hi food processing lama hlawkna nei tura a din ni mah se, tunlai khawvelah mimal, pawl leh society tam takin food processing-ah hma an lak mek avangin, hengte tanpuitu leh kawng hrang hranga an hmalakna puitu atan tha zawka ringin agency-ah a siam thar a ni.
Agency nih dan tur kawng hrang hrang tihpuitlin a nih tak avangin sawrkar kumthar, 2023 April 1 atangin MIFCO chuan MIFPA tih hmingpu in hna a thawk tan dawn a. Food processing lama hma latute tan MIFPA chu an kawng kawhhmuhtu a hman a ni ang.

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