Govt HBC-in champion lawm

Govt HBC-in champion lawm
21st MZU Annual Sports Meet neih zawh taka champion Govt. Hrangbana College chuan Zirtawpni khan an college hmunah an lawm a, Youth Services minister Robert Romawia Royte chuan a hmanpui.
Minister hlawhtlinna an chan a lawmpui tih sawiin, Mizoram University chu a dinna la rei lo mah se, kawng engkimah hma a sawn hle a. Hrangbana College chu hemi kawnga thawhhlawk ber te zing ami a ni, tih a sawi.
Champion lawmnaah hian Hrangbana College principal Lalrochuanga Pachuau pawhin thu a sawi a. A pension thlaa an champion thei chu inthlahna thilpek ropui ber a ni, tiin a sawi.

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