Agriculture hmun leh EMRS tlawh

Sawrkar laipuia Telecommunications ministry enkawltu minister of state Devusinh Chauhan chuan Inrinni khan Serchhip Kawlritlang chhipa hmun pawimawhte leh New Serchhipa Agriculture Complex a tlawh.
Minister hian Serchhip Kawlritlang chhipa “Chawngpuii Khawthlir” tlawh hmasain, Eklavya Model Residential School a tlawh leh a, zirlaite nen inkawmin, hemi zawh hian Kawlritlanga Mary Winchester “Zoluti” laklet a nih hriatrengna lungphun a tlawh bawk.
Hemi hnu hian New Serchhipa Agricultural Complex tlawhin Serchhip DAO Tlangtimawia leh a thawh-puiten an lo dawngsawng a; RKVY leh FOCUS tangkawpa din Mini Composite Feed Mill leh National Food Security Mission (Pulses) hnuaia sak Mini Oil Expeller tlawhin hna an thawhdan a en a, Serchhip district a Agriculture department hnathawh dan chi hrang hrang thlalaka tarlan a en a ni.

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