Aizawl leh Lungleiah lemziak phochhuak

I&PR Department Lunglei leh South Art Mizoram tangdun buatsaih February 13 – 15 chhung awh tur ‘Lunglei Arts Festival 2023’ chu Thawhtanni khan Lunglei bawrhsap Ramdinliani’n Lungleiah a hawng a, senior artist LT Zohranga’n hawnna hi a hmanpui bawk.

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Arts Festival-ah hian Lunglei artist 26-ten an kutchhuak 91 an phochhuak a. Artwork thenkhat hi lei theih a nih bakah book stall, face painting stall, handicraft stall buatsaih niin, artist-te hian a hmunah ‘mural painting’ an tihchilh a ni.

Thawhtanni vek khan S&S Art Gallery, Zarkawt Aizawlah S.t. Sailo 2nd Solo Painting Exhibition chu Local Administration Department director Rita Lalnunmawii Pachuau chuan a hawng bawk. Exhibition hi February 18 thleng awh tur a ni a, 41 Acrylic leh oil painting tarchhuah a ni. Hemi chhung hian nitin chawhma dar 10 atangin tlai dar 5 thleng tlawh theih a ni.

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