Aizawl Open Audition atangin 8 tling

2024 Miss Mizoram final round a inlan turin Aizawl Open Audition a\angin mi pariat an tling a, anni hi District Miss Mizoram te nen final round-ah an inlan dawn a ni. Open Audition hi March ni 25 khan Hyve City Hall, Aizawl-ah neih a ni a, audition a tling te leh District Miss Mizoram te hian April ni 4 a\angin final round an \an dawn a ni.
Open Audition a\anga tling te chu:
Judith Lalramengmawii d/o R Laldawngkima, ITI Veng
Jennifer Lalrinzuali Renthlei d/o Jacob Lalrintluanga, Republic Hmar Veng
H. Lalhriatpuii d/o Liannawla, Kanan
Vanlalchhuangi d/o Lalchawiliana, Vaivakawn
Evelyn Zachhingpuii d/o C. Lalremruata, Saikhamakawn
T Lalmuanpuii d/o T. Biaksanga (L), Zemabawk North
Lalsangkimi d/o J Lalawmpuia (L), Dinthar-1
Vanlalhriatpuii d/o Lalchhinga, Ainawn Veng

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