All party leh NGO ten UCC duh lo

Mizorama political party tin leh tlawmngai pawl liante chuan Uniform Civil Code hman an duh lo tih an sawi.
Central YMA huaihawtin Uniform Civil Code (UCC) chungchangah Thawhlehni khan political party leh NGO aiawhte an thukhawm a. Sawrkar laipuiin India ram puma UCC hman a tum nia lang chu, Mizo hnam tan leh India rama hnam hrang hrang tan a him dawn loh avangin an duh lo tih sawiin, theihtawpa do a tul tih an sawi. A dodalna kawngah pawh theihtawpa tan ho zel tha an ti a, lungrual takin resolution an siam a ni.
“CYMA bultuma political party hrang hrang – BJP, INC, MNF, ZPM, PC leh NGO hruaitute thukhawm chuan, Uniform Civil Code hman tura hmalak mekna hi kan duh loa, theihtawpa do zui zel tha kan tiin, kan ram, hnam leh sakhua a him zel theih nan theihtawpa tanho zel tha kan ti,” resolution ah hian an ti.

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