District Council chungchang sawinaah DC&MA minister-in ngaihdam a dil

Assembly Session-a Autonomous District Council leh hemi huamchhunga chengte chungchang a sawi dana rilru natna tur a sawichhuah vangin District Council & Minority Affairs minister R Lalzirliana chuan House kaltlangin ngaihdam a dil.
Minister hian Thawhlehnia Assembly Session-ah District Council-ten direct funding an dawn theihna’na sawrkar laipuiin hma a lak dan leh Committee hrang hrang din a nih dante a sawi a. DC&MA chungchang an sawi laia a tawngkam hman chu a ennawn lehin a ni pawhin a duhzawng a ni bik lo tih a sawi a. Chhim lam unaute rilru a lo tina chu ngaihdam a dil tih a sawi a. DC & MA enkawl tlak nia a inhriat loh thu pawh sawiin, House kaltlangin DC&MA enkawltu tur midang ruat turin chief minister a ngen nghal tih a sawi a ni.
Autonomous District Council-ten sawrkar laipuia direct funding an dil kaihhnawiha Assembly Session-a thu inchuhnaah DC&MA minister thusawi dan chu heng ADC huamchhunga cheng tlawmngai pawl leh ruling party tih loh political party dangten na taka an dem thu sawiin, thuchhuah an siam bakah punkhawm huaihawt tumna a awm bawk a. DC&MA minister hi ngaihdam dil tura phut an awm bakah bang tura phut an awm bawk.

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