Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai lawmman a tam

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai chun 2022 chhunga lawmman (compensation) atan dollar maktaduai 226 (cheng vaibelchhe 1,850 vel) a huai hmak mai. Hei hi an company-in Zirtawpni kalta khan an securities filing-ah an tarlang a ni. Pichai-a lawmmanah hian stock award dollar maktaduai 218 (cheng vaibelchhe 1,800 vel) a tel niin filing-ah chuan an tarlang bawk.
Alphabet hi Google parent company niin, tunlaiin an hnathawktu an ban nasa hle a, January thla mai khan khawvel hmun hrang hranga an hnathawktu 12,000 vel zet an ban a, chu chu khawvel puma an hnathawktu awmzat atanga 6% vel zet a ni.

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